Children are gifts
They are special
They are worth having...

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News Do I have it All?

Do I have it All?

Congratulations – you're having a baby! Your belly may not be visibly rounder yet, but as time ticks, you get closer to the arrival of your bundle of joy. You already have in mind what you want your nursery too look like, especially for first time mother.  Shopping for your baby can be rather overwhelming - there is so much attractive baby equipment to choose from that making a decision on the items that would be most suitable for you and your lifestyle can be difficult.

Do you have every necessary thing yet? Here’s a rundown to help you with your shopping list. 

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News Breastfeeding Made Easy!

Breastfeeding Made Easy!

When I heard my baby’s voice for the very first time in the labour ward, I felt a joy from within that cannot be explained. To me, another job description has been defined – “Milk Supplier”; duration - at least one year *wink**. I heard its fun and likewise painful, now, my personal experience will tell. Hmmm…how would I cope, would I survive it, would my baby be satisfied? These and many more are the questions running through my head.

Breastfeeding may be natural, but for many new mums...

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Dear Santa,

 Preparing for your arrival is an interesting act I always love to do year in and out. Decorating the house with beautify Christmas  trees (different colours) and accessories…having loads of time to go for shopping…meeting with friends and love ones and sometimes go on vacation - spending the holiday in different parts of the world…most of the time, alone (enjoying myself to the “fullest”). No wonder Christmas to me is synonymous to fun.

 This year I started my usual preparation since October ...

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How could my mum have done this seven different times is the question that keeps coming to me…she is indeed a hero. Not as a result of winning battles, but for fighting a good fight.

Mine started at exactly 11:17pm, though I had been seeing some signs all day and with the knowledge I’d gathered I knew the ‘D’ day had come. After a forceful dinner, I was a bit restless so I tried to sleep because I thought it was still ‘false labour’ and it was not persistent enough and would scale through the night…little did I know…

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